Ton of Great Content

Really appreciate Yong-Soo's new podcast and the actionable, bite sized advice he's offering. Already read one of the Jim Collin's books he recommends and implementing the strategies described there. Can't wait for more info and the future network he's building!

Great responsive guy. Keep up the short bursts of ideas

I recently discovered Yong-Soo Chung’s podcasts and I like it! The host is a budding podcaster I met on Twitter and each episode is only about 15 minutes long, but packed with valuable information and insights on entrepreneurship. One of the things I love about this podcast is the host's authenticity and willingness to share his own experiences and challenges as an entrepreneur. He asks great questions that really delve into his journey and what he's learned along the way. As a small business owner myself, I've found the tips and strategies shared on this podcast to be extremely helpful and applicable to my own business. The host has a great energy and keeps the conversations engaging and interesting. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in entrepreneurship or looking for practical advice on how to grow and succeed in their business. The host is a rising star in the podcasting world and I can't wait to see what he has in store for future episodes. Keep up the great work!

Love this podcast

Amazing actionable advice with high quality and easy to consumer production. Thank you!!!

Amazing complex content broken down simply

Listening to Young Soo’s, podcast leaves me invigorated and excited about the journey of entrepreneurship. His ability to break down complex content into a simple multi step approach empowers each listener and helps them understand the process in achieving success.

I love the content of this podcast - the analysis and opinions are always super interesting - the sound effects mid-explanation really help provide a relatable experience. The content is always real, and with practical insight on how to fix/improve your business. Not just another financial adviser. Cuts it down to the important stuff, no fluff. It has also kept me entertained, and sharp. Episodes are 5-15 minutes long. Perfect length for the car ride to work, a shower, or cleaning a room."

Built different

Just a few episodes in and I can already tell this is a high-quality podcast with some great business advice. I respect successful founders who take the time to share what they’ve learned with every day people. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy listening to this into the future.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for the time you spend to share insights of this kind. Will add this to part of my entrepreneurial journey ✌🏾


Short & Powerful! Love these episodes

It's a great podcast, I learned a lot of things through it. Looking forward to seeing more from this.

Love this podcast!

These short powerful episodes are every startups dream. Thank you for sharing this knowledge - I will definitely be listening in and using your tips and strategies.

Inspiration for the underdogs! 💪

Very cool to get to learn from an 8-figure business owner that started from scratch in a small 1-bedroom apartment. Truly inspiring. Excited to check out more episodes!

I love this Podcast

After listening to Your Secret Weapon- Constraints! I’m hooked. I love these short POWERFUL episodes. My mind is blown… and now I’ll be adding constraints and ditching the bottlenecks. I can’t wait to dig in to more episodes. Quick hits to bring me back to a success mindset! Thank you :)

Tips & Tricks

Filled with great tips, tricks, and advice that can be practically applied.

Game changer!

The First Class Founder podcast is adding valuable tools to my toolkit! Yong-Soo offers real first-hand experience and valuable perspective about the founder journey. Several of his podcasts have taken over our dinner table conversation!

Concise & Great Info

Love how the info is delivered in a concise and digestible way! These topics are what we need to hear & it’s especially valuable coming from a successful entrepreneur. Thank you for starting this podcast!

Amazing Insights From Real World Experience!

Yong Soo is an amazing podcast host and guest. He came on to my podcast - The Bootstrapped Brand and dropped some incredible knowledge about the ecom game for my audience. If you want real world insights into how ecom works, I can't think of a better podcast to listent to!

Awesome Show

Really great info. Going to apply this info asap!

Great resource

Yong-Soo gets right to the good part, which I appreciate. The lack of filler means I’ll definitely be back for more.

First Class Founders

Very insightful. Great information in a short amount of time. Excellent!!!

So many gems!

Love the short & sweet format of the episodes, and the lessons can be applied to anyone who is working towards a goal and could use these frameworks to help in times when you feel stuck.

Short, sweet, and insightful

Love the format. Oftentimes, podcasts are too long and full of fluff. This delivers a lot of bang for your time!

Informative with great action items from the jump!

Right off the bat I have begun rethinking about how I can use my current skills to my advantage and shift them towards my passions. A quick and easy listen for anyone who is looking to level up in the entrepreneur game. Easy sub for me.

Awesome show!

Insightful frameworks with real world examples. No fluff, short and sweet.