First Class Founders

First Class Founders

Learn proven strategies to grow your online business each week from the lens of successful founders. Hosted by Yong-Soo Chung.

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Recent Episodes

Musician to Serial Entrepreneur to LinkedIn Creator: How Sam Browne Grew His Audience 100X in 1 Year

May 24, 2023

E32: Sam Browne is a musician at heart and an entrepreneur by trade. Sam is also the founder of Haro SEO, which is a search engine optimization firm that involves getting backlinks from high quality domains by helping a repo…

From Pool Store Boy to Serial Entrepreneur: How Matt Giovanisci Built a Multi-Million Dollar Niche Business

May 17, 2023

E31: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work FOREVER in the same industry where you got your first-ever job? Well, Matt Giovanisci doesn't need to imagine it. Because that is exactly what he has been doing since…

HustleGPT: The Viral AI Experiment That Took Twitter by Storm (Featuring Jackson Fall)

May 10, 2023

E30: Ever since ChatGPT was released to the public, people have used it for a wide variety of interesting experiments. Today, I'm speaking to Jackson Fall, the man behind the recent success of HustleGPT. At the time of recor…

Surprising Lessons Learned From Amazon's "Customer Obsession"

May 3, 2023

E29: Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, is worth $125 Billion. And, the one thing he is famously known for is his "customer obsession." In fact, Amazon strives to be 'Earth's most customer-centric company.' And yet, my own exper…

The EAR$ Framework and Monetization Strategies with Jeremy Enns, Podcast Marketing Expert

April 26, 2023

E28: Jeremy is the Founder of Podcast Marketing Academy, which is a podcast growth and marketing company helping scrappy podcast centric brands, networks and creators punch above their weight. Today, I speak to him about the…

10 Powerful Tools to Boost Your Newsletter Growth

April 19, 2023

E27: Three months ago, I decided to launch the First Class Founders newsletter. Problem is, I had no subscribers, no list, and, essentially, no idea what to do or, even, where to begin! Today, my newsletter has over two thou…