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First Class Founders

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Life-Changing Wisdom with Arvid Kahl: From Selling a SaaS Business to Becoming a Creator

March 29, 2023

E24: Today, we're talking to Arvid Kahl, the co-founder of FeedbackPanda, a SaaS startup that was acquired by SureSwift Capital. Arvid shares insights about selling his SaaS business, and then more importantly, his current c…

Grow Your Newsletter Fast: Secrets to Skyrocketing Your Subscribers

March 22, 2023

E23: Do you already have 50-100 subscribers for your newsletter? Do your subscribers LOVE the content you’ve been putting out? Are your subscribers frequently sharing the content you send in your newsletter? And yet, if the …

Newsletter Success Launch Plan: 4 Effective Strategies to Kickstart Your Newsletter

March 15, 2023

E22: Emails. They seem so old-school, right? You have to first write who you are sending them to. Then you write why you're sending them. Then you write what it is all about… So boring! And yet, as of November 2021, Substack…

How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Discovery and Trust Engines

March 8, 2023

E21: Having an audience doesn't necessarily translate into building your business. So how do you find your audience, then nurture them into paying customers? What about enhancing your offers to your existing customers to inc…

Why Building an Audience Isn't How to Start Your Business

March 1, 2023

E20: In this episode, I talk to Jim James of the UnNoticed Entrepreneur Podcast about the struggles I had during the early days of launching my first business, Urban EDC. I also discuss a mini framework for those who are jus…

How to Grow Your Audience Through Authenticity: Kevon Cheung of Public Lab

Feb. 22, 2023

E19: Kevon Cheung is the author of Find Joy in Chaos: How to Build Your Twitter Presence So Connections and Opportunities Come Find You. He's widely recognized as a thought leader in finding your voice and making meaningful …